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On March 10th 2014, the nice people at the BOXSurfing HQ will ship the first 5 boxes to 5 different BOXSurfers around the world. When you as a BOXSurfer receive one of the boxes, you will upload a picture of you with the box and its content, and upload it to the BOXSurfing website to receive the address of the next BOXSurfer to whom you should send the box. After some hops the box will return home and close the loop. We map the journey of all boxes on our website and show the photos of the people unpacking boxes at every stop.

Why are you doing this?

It's fun. You're part of a global movement connecting people all over the world. You can follow the route of your box all over the world and see how the recipients react to the different artifacts. You’ll see smiles and laugher. You can make the day of a stranger somewhere in the world!

BOXSurfing started as a prototype of the jammers at the Innsbruck Service Jam during the Global Service Jam 2014. The initial BOXSurfing community therefore consists of people of the Global Service Jam community. So be prepared to find a rubber chicken in a box.. ;)

Legal notice

The BOXSurfing team does not take any responsibility for items sent by members of this community. By signing up as a member of the BOXSurfing community you assure that your address is valid and that you are aware that your address will be given out to other members of the BOXSurfing community. Your address won’t be used for anything else but this. Promised!

Please keep in mind that you shouldn’t send items that can be dangerous, such as animal products or food. Or animals. Or dwarfs. Or weapons. But you wouldn't send such things to a stranger, would you?

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