Box Innsbruck3


This box is currently in Selangor.

This box has travelled 45932.1453704795 km and has been abroad since 2417 days with a speed of 19.003783769333676 km/day.

3 boxsurfers have received this box.

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05/Jan/15 - Selangor Malaysia


15/Jul/14 - Lisboa Portugal

Thank you for the box! Sry for the delay, I was out of the country eh eh! It's moving on, now ;)

Photo 117

27/Mar/14 - Fadden, Canberra Australia

What a lovely surprise to get in post! I love the chocolate so much I may be addicted and want more ;) My baby daughter Ava (6 weeks) loves the music coming out of the toy beaver (I think that's what it is?). Anyway Thankyou!!