Box Innsbruck1


This box is currently in WILEY PARK.

This box has travelled 16571.7436403995 km and has been abroad since 2344 days with a speed of 7.06985650187692 km/day.

2 boxsurfers have received this box.

The journey of the box


27/Apr/14 - WILEY PARK Australia

I was pleasantly surprised to receive the giftbox after completely forgetting about my subscription to boxsurfing. Thanks a bunch to Andi from Nuremberg. May the rubber chicken force be with you!


24/Mar/14 - N├╝rnberg Germany

Hi, it was a great surprise opening the my boxsurfing packet! Never thought of these gifts as typical for Austria... So i learned someting new! Now i have to think about something not so usual for Franconia ;-) Happy Surfing! Andreas