the world in a box.


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What is BOXSurfing?

BOXSurfing is a non-profit project to tangibly connect people all over the world.

BOXSurfers send a box with a regional artifact to a random member of the BOXSurfing community somewhere in the world. As soon as the box arrives, the recipient uploads a photo with the artifact to the BOXSurfing website. Then, the BOXSurfer receives a new random address of the next BOXSurfer to ship the box to and off it goes with another regional artifact. You can then follow your box on the BOXSurfing website and see where it goes, what kind of artifacts people send and who receives it.

sign up → wait for your box → send it to the next BOXSurfer

How much does this cost?

Becoming a BOXSurfer is free. Simply sign up on this website and wait for your first box to arrive. However, the deal is that once you’ve received a box with your gift from somewhere in the world, you have to put another regional artifact in the box and ship it to the address randomly assigned to you by the BOXSurfing website. So, you have to pay for shipment and whatever you put in the box, after you’ve received your personal BOXSurfing gift from another part oft he world!

What could be in a box?

The artifact should be something typical for you region. Something you like and you think other people would like as well. Souvenirs or traditional accessories are a good start. Local recipes or your regional rubber chicken might be nice as well. But you’re free to put whatever you like in the box. Be creative! However, you’re not allowed to put anything dangerous, anything alive, anything offending in the box. Be aware of cultural differences and where you send the box to!